Donncha O’Briain

By Donncha O’Briain

  1. The Maple Leaf
    The Man Of Aran
  2. Brendan Coombe’s
    Port Ui Chaoimh
  3. The Boyne Hunt
    Mairi Ar An gCarraig
  4. Thomond Bridge
    An Londubh
  5. Port Sonny Brogan
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  6. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    Sean Sa Cheo
  7. The Maid Of Mount Cisco
  8. Tom Martin’s
    Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  9. Ril Dharach De Brun
    Slan Le HEirinn
  10. Ní ar Chnoc ná ar Ísleacht
  11. Trim The Velvet
    Toss The Feathers
  12. The Butcher’s March
    The Queen Of The Rushes
  13. Kitty Gone A Milking
    The Flogging
  14. Sporting Paddy
    Ríl Josie McDermott
  15. Loch Garman
  16. Richard Dwyer’s
    Spike Island Lasses

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Old vinyl

I found a stack of old vinyl at my local record shop, this was in among them. About half of the tracks are solo whistle, O’Briain is joined on the others by various combinations of fiddle, pipes, box, and guitar.
Not much polish, just good tunes.

As far as I remember, this recording features more or less the whole O’Briain family from Dublin, piper Micheal being perhaps the best known these days. Being confined to a wheel chair did not prevent Donncha from being a very active musician and whistle teacher. Sadly, he died a number of years ago. The Charlie Lennon tune “The Flying Wheel Chair” was written in his honour.

I heard Donncha play a few times & he was indeed a fine musician.

“Not much polish?”

I’m left shaking my head…

Ah well….

Jon did post it 4 years ago. I’d like to think he may have revised that opinion, being 4 years older and wiser, but then again, it’s always down to personal taste. Donncha was a lovely fella, and I admired his playing very much, and still do.

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“Donncha Ó Briain: Irish Tin Whistle”

Yes, a lovely man and a fine player and a very talented musician…

The musicians, the talented O’Brien’s ~

Donncha ~ whistle
Donncha Senior ~ box
Michael / Mick ~ uilleann pipes
Tomas ~ fiddle
Aindrias ~ bodhran

While the LP of this is complete the cassette, for some reason, cuts out before the finish of trak 8 on the B-side…

I count myself lucky in having been in Dublin while Donncha was playing and teaching, a lovely man and musician, a short but generous life… Thanks for the music and good times…

On CD….

Surprised nobody’s mentioned that this recording has finally been made available on CD.

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2011 - Gael Linn - “Donncha Ó Briain: Ceol Ar An BhFeadóg Stáin”

Submitted on May 14th 2011 by ceolachan.

With the 16 tracks from this old LP/cassette, and another four, plus a lovely booklet of pictures and a valued write-up by Donncha’s brother Mick…

Thank you Gael Linn for bringing this back into the light, much appreciated…

Donncha Ó Briain - 1960 - 1990 - R.I.P.

“Donncha Ó Briain” - LP/cassette - 1979

Re: Donncha O’Briain

One of the best musicians Ireland has ever seen.

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