All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle

By Tom McHale

  1. The Centenary March
    Hynes’ March
  2. The Skylark
    Roaring Mary
  3. An Raibh Tu Ag An gCarraig
  4. Roisin Dubh
  5. King Of The Fairies
  6. Sean Sa Ceo
  7. Boulavogue
  8. The Gooseberry Bush
    The Green Mountain
    Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire
  9. Madam Bonaparte
  10. The Lark In The Morning
    Bill Hart’s
  11. The Bride’s Favourite
    Nóra Críona
  12. Sweep’s

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Tom McHale / Tom McHaile

Oops! - I missed this, including adding comments, but then things have been mad around here for sometime. Here’s the email I recieved that was gracious enough to educate me on the misspelling ot the name:

“Hi Just noticed you have a recording listed of Tom’s - he was my father and I thought I’d let you know his name was spelt McHale - his brother Mike McHale is also an All Ireland Champion and has also released a CD “The Schoolmaster’s House”. I know if you have the album you will have gotten the spelling from there but it’s wrong too!! 🙂

Just a small note, (excuse the pun!) but I thought you’d like to know since anyone doing a search would not find your information.

Best Wishes.“

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- - - AND - I should have also mentioned when I originally put this on site - this is one of my favourite whistle recordings, highly recommended, great playing without pretense or affectation, not manic and sloppy, just good solid playing by someone who obviously loves the instrument and the music and shows his respect for both in his way with them…

Tom McHale

Have a look at the website : for the story behind the recording

CD: “Pure Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Music: Tom McHaile” - Tom McHale

(All-Ireland Whistling Champion at Boyle)
Accompanied on guitar by Den Warrick
Outlet Music - PTICD 1001
Outlet Recordings Co. Ltd., Belfast, 1994

All enquiries to:
Homespun Irish C.D. Tape & Video Supplies (est. 1966)
15-21 Gordon St.

The tracks are ordered differently ~

_1. ) marches: “The Centenary” / “Hynes’”

_2. ) set dance: “The King of the Fairies”

_3. ) reels: “The Gooseberry Bush” / “The Maid Behind the Bar” / “Coolie’s No. 3”

_4. ) set dance: “Madam Bona[parte”

_5. ) reels: “Sky Lark” / “Roaring Mary”

_6. ) air “An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig”

_7. ) jigs: “Lark in the Morning” / “Bill Harte’s Jig”

_8. ) air: “Roisin Dubh”

_9. ) jigs: “O’Brien’s Jig” / “The Metal Bridge”

10. ) air: “Father Murphy’s” = “Boulavogue”

11. ) hornpipe: “Sweep’s Hornpipe”

12. ) reel: “Sean na Cro”


“Coolie’s No.3” was titled “Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire” by its’ composer Martin Mulhaire, and has been posted here by myself.
“Sean na Cro” must be a spelling mistake - it’s referred to everywhere else as “Sean Sa Ceo”.
“The Maid Behind The Bar” is actually the tune known as “The Green Mountain”.
There were CD copies of this recording up for sale on eBay a week ago - they may still be there, but it’s most likely you’d have to search for “McHaile”, as the mis-spelling of Tom McHale’s name will not have been corrected.

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Thanks Kenny, and sorry for the delay getting back to correcting titles… 😏

On Amazon

10 of these tracks can be downloaded as MP3s from Amazon, but you need to search for “Tom McHaile”, not “McHale”.

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Great influence.

I started playing the whistle back in early 1970s….along side Gerry McKee and Gerry Murphy all from the Falls Road. And guess who our idol was….Tom McHale. The rest is history. Jim Fitzpatrick.

Tom McHaile All-Ireland Whistling Champion at Boyle

My copy of this LP has the tracks in yet a different order, and with spoken introductions - which for side 1 are all crammed into one track at the end of the side for some reason…funky work but a nice disc in any case.

Tom McHaile Track Order

The Centenary March, Hynes’ March
The Gooseberry Bush, Green Mountain, Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire
Madam Bonaparte
The Skylark, Roaring Mary
An Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig
Lark In The Morning, Bill Hart’s
Roisin Dubh
King Of The Fairies
The Bride’s Favourite, Nora Criona (O’Brien’s, Metal Bridge)
Sweeps Hornpipe
Sean Sa Ceo

Now on iTunes…

Just found out that this complete album can be purchased from “iTunes” for £4.49.

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43 tracks of Tom’s playing

See my post in the McHale thread in Discussions for the SoundCloud link to this huge array of tracks.

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Re: All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle

Price on “iTunes “ is now £3.99 to download the whole album. You have to search for “McHaile” though, not “McHale”.

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Re: Pure Traditional Irish Tin Whislte

1994 album recorded on the Outlet label.

Re: All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle

This was originally released in 1969 by Outlet (OLP 1001). The 1994 comment above refers to the CD reissue.

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