The Living Wood

By Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman

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  1. Caitlin Ni Aedha
    The Sport Of The Chase
  2. Lady Dillon
  3. Fiddler’s Dream
    Whiskey Before Breakfast
  4. Fare Thee Well, Lovely Mary
  5. Walsh’s
    The Peacock’s Feather
  6. The Flax In Bloom
    Lough Allen
  7. Beating Around The Bush
  8. An Paistin Fionn
    Las Valse D’Hasperren
  9. Charlie Hunter’s
    Peggy’s Leg
  10. Cuach Mo Londubh Bui
    The Virginia
  11. Bob McQuillan’s
    Sonny Brogan’s
  12. Two Polkas

One comment

Maire Ni Cathasaigh: Irish Harp,vocals,synthesiser,piano.
Chris Newman: Guitars,mandolin,electric bass,percussion.

Beating around the Bush (comp. Bill Keith)
Charlie Hunter’s (comp. Bobby Mcleod)
Bob McQuillan’s (comp. Aly Bain)

Black Crow Records CRO C221 Stereo (1989)