Ruby’s Reel

By Inverness Fiddlers

Added by Gard .
  1. Lady Mary Ramsey
    Cameron’s Got His Wife Again
  2. The Stronsay
  3. The Clan MacColl
    The Duke Of Eidinburg
    The Duke Of Richmond
  4. Helen N. Robertson
  5. Bert’s
  6. The Ross Memorial Hospital
    Seud Nan Ceud Bliadhna (The Centenary Jewel)
    Below The Aigas Dam
    The Ness Lassies
  7. The Bird’s Nest
    On A Hot Piano
    Harry Bradshaw’s
  8. Niel Gow’s Lament For His Second Wife
  9. Prince Charlie
    The Haughs O’ Cromdale
    Tarbolton Lodge
  10. Walter Douglas OBE
    The Braes Of Tullymet
    Major David Manson
  11. Dr.Bob Smith
    The Merry Blacksmith
    The Reconciliation
  12. The Dandy Dancer
    O’er The Sea
    Jim Anderson’s Delight
    Scarce O’Tatties
  13. Donald McPherson’s Lament
    Glen Caladh Castle
    MacLellan DCM
    John D. Burgess
    John D. Burgess
  14. The Ardvasar Blacksmith
  15. Dr. James Donaldson
    Peter’s Peerie Boat
    The Barrowburn