On Lough Erne’s Shore

By Cathal McConnell

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  1. The Dark Woman Of The Glen
  2. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
  3. Erin The Green
  4. Johnny Going To Ceili
    The Gossoon That Beat His Father
    The Long Slender Sally
  5. The Maho Snaps
    Jenny Lind
  6. The Wedding Of Molly
    The Three Hand
    Peter Flanagan’s
  7. Peoples’
    Lady Montgomery
  8. McConnell’s Gravel Walk
    The Laurel Tree
  9. Andy Kerrin’s
    The Primrose Road
  10. The Shannon Breeze
  11. Saint Donard’s Cairn
  12. Edmund On Lough Erne’s Shore
  13. Carolan’s Concerto
  14. Big John’s
    Kitty The Hare
  15. Siney Crotty’s
    The Noon Lasses

Two comments

Cathal’s first recording

Recorded in 1978, much as what you’d expect from Cathal. A fine selection of tunes, well played, and a couple of songs, mainly from his home county of Fermanagh. Probably the first recording of "The Noon Lasses", made popular more recently by Michael McGoldrick. Accompaniment by Robin Morton on bodhran, and a guest appearance by Shetland guitarist "Peerie" Willie Johnston. Took him about 25 years to make the follow-up!

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Track #2 on "Youtube"………….


A few years before the record was released.
Don’t think this ever made it onto CD, unfortunately, nor to "iTunes".

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