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I’ve never been able to figure out why this album isn’t talked up more. There’s some really excellent music and playing on it. John Williams is who made me fall in love with the box. (It helps that he was Shannon Heaton’s teacher, so I learned a lot of things from him through her.) Worth a careful listen — I think everyone will find something to be delighted in on it, from the traditionalists to the modernists.


Latest John Williams

Zina, have you heard John’s latest album? It is great as well.
I picked it up at the Chicago celtic fest a week ago (along
with *way* too many cds. if you listen very closely you can
hear my credit card moaning 🙂. If I get time in the next few
days I’ll try to post it in the recordings.

No, I haven’t! I’ll have to go a-lookin’ for it. Thanks for the tip!


now I feel like an idiot, the cd I got is a really old one - 1995,
and is already posted to the recording section. sorry about
leading you astray, Zina!

Oh, the eponymous one? That’s an excellent one too! (And another one frequently in the CD player!)


Wow… This is currently my favorite album. It’s so good. I could listen to it for hours on end. Pure brilliance and talent.

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Yeah, lovely album despite some modern arrangements. Somewhat similar to Solas’ first. It’s a bit surprising to find he is also a mean flute and whistle player too. I especially love track 12 featuring Liz Carroll and John Doyle: flute, concertina, fiddle, and tasty guitar accompaniment.

Personally, I sleep with this CD under my pillow every night. It’s one of those rare albums that I love EVERY SINGLE DAMNED TRACK on.

John Williams-Steam-Johnny O’Learys

Does anyone play Johnny O’Learys as John Williams it on flute on Steam? I heard and was all excited and sat down with my flute to learn, cause it sounds great. Only i can’t seem to figure out what key its in. On the recording i think the first note is C natural, so i picked up my C whistle, thinking it might be in Aminor, but no luck figuring it out. Same thing on the D flute. Perhaps my ears are just not working today.

If anyone can lend a hand that would be great.



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Re: John Williams-Steam-Johnny O’Learys

Figured out. He is tuned up a half step. Time for the Eb whistle.

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I agree, Zina

this is a treasure of a CD. If I lived on an desert island and was only allowed to have five CDs, this would unquestionably be one of them. I have had the good fortune over the years of attending John’s session at Nevin’s in Chicago over the years, and there are not a few times when I think of throwing caution to the wind and taking up concertina. There is no question that John Williams is one of the best box/tina players the world has ever seen (and I say that with not a tinge of hyperbole).

Steam and Raven

While Steam get’s things cooking with 10 sideplayers
on the album, Raven covers alot more ground and shows
much more development with simply two players. John Williams
and guitarist Dean Magraw are the duo to tune into without a doubt (and are also on my favorite Steam tracks 4,10, &13).
Their both killer cds.