The Boston Edge

By Joe Derrane, Seamus Connolly And John McGann

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  1. The Curragh Races
    The Skylark
    The Reconciliation
  2. Billy Rush’s
    Brosnahan’s Frolic
    The Miner’s
  3. The Devil And The Dirk
    The Trip To Windsor
    Brumley Brae
  4. Remembering Curly
    The Twins
    Mordaunt’s Fancy
  5. John Kelly’s Concertina
    Kiss The Bride
    Martin Ainsboro’s
  6. Whiddon’s
    The Nightlight
    Hannah McGann’s
  7. The Humors Of Lisheen
    The Merry Old Woman
  8. An Tri Is A Rian
    (Miss McLeod’s)
    Petticoat Promenade
  9. Patsy Touhey’s
    The Gooseberry Bush
  10. Chief O’Neill’s Favorite
    The First Of June
  11. Sporting Paddy
    Sheila Coyle’s
    The Hare’s Paw
  12. The Killaloe Boat
    Boys Of Ballinamore
    The Firefly
  13. The Man From Newry
    The Last Of The Twins
  14. The Dash To Portabello

Two comments

Looks like this just came out. Good to see Derrane is making up for lost time. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to play the box like he does, but trying to get his precision on any instrument would be a hell of a goal to set yourself. I sometimes think he must record his tracks in two passes - half of the notes on the first go, then the other half on the second.

The two Gan Ainm jigs on track 12 are the Boys of Ballinamore and the Firefly.