The Celtic Album

By The Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart

  1. Scotland The Brave
  2. Riverdance
  3. O’Sullivan’s
  4. Main Title From "Braveheart"
  5. Highway To Kilkenny
    The Boys Of Portaferry
    The Abbey
    Ashmaleen House
  6. Magh Seola (The Level Plain)
  7. Cat Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan
    The Otter’s Nest
    Richie Dwyer’s
  8. Hebrides
  9. Fair Day
  10. Planxty Burke
  11. Loftus Jones
  12. Four Scottish Dances: Pesante
  13. Four Scottish Dances: Vivace
  14. Four Scottish Dances: Allegretto
  15. Four Scottish Dances: Con Brio
  16. Itsbynne
    Boffyflow And Spike
    Ní ‘Na Lá
    Toss The Feathers

Three comments


This is one of the most maligned attempts at making money with Irish music, of all times. It’s about time someone posted it here! 🙂

Will & Zina’s favourite version of Toss the Feathers, of course!

Re: The Celtic Album

Tune 3 of track 5 is erroneously listed as "The Pullet" on the album cover list —- it should be the Abbey Reel.