By Far From Home

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  1. Ronds
  2. Master McDermott’s
    The Boy In The Boat
    Jig Away The Donkey
  3. Rattlin‘ Roarin’ Willy
    The Drops Of Brandy
    The Swaggering
  4. Scottish Air
    Tha Mi Sgith
  5. Jigs
  6. Milk Soup Marches
  7. Where Lilies Bloom
    Ger The Rigger
    The Maid Of Ardagh
  8. Gavottes
  9. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    The Humours Of Lissadell
    The Sally Gardens
  10. When Sick Is It Tea That You Want?
    Tobin’s Favorite
    The Atholl Highlanders
  11. Barrez Lan Gonned
    Heiress Of Keroulaz
  12. The Trip To Pakistan
    Far From Home
    Spoot O’ Skerry
  13. Handsome Molly

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A Madison Local

This is a trio out of Madison, WI, and I haven’t the faintest idea how far they roam. I got this disc a few years back when I still lived there. I particularly like their setting of Trip to Pakistan/Far From Home/Boat da Skerry (Spoot o’ Skerry).

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