Homeward Way

By Bards Of A Feather

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  1. Birnie Bouzle
  2. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  3. The Repeal Of The Union
    The Bank Of Ireland
    Miss Crawford
  4. The Cruel Mother
  5. Katie’s Fancy
  6. Killiecrankie
  7. Lassie With The Lint-White Locks
    Homeward Way
  8. Old Woman’s Dance
    A Fisherman’s Song For Attracting Seals
    The Boarding House
  9. Bonnie Ship The Diamond
  10. Bonnie Barbry-O
  11. The Little Beggarman
    The Scaredy-Cat
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Dillon’s Fancy
  12. The Bold Princess Royal
  13. Nyth Y Gog
    Lord Campbell’s Farewell To Redcastle
  14. Wild Mountain Thyme

Two comments

Hard to find

This one’s mostly here for completeness sake, as the group split up some time ago and their stash of CDs has dwindled into nonexistence. Nevertheless, they had a style on par with some of the best. The tune Katie’s Fancy is not the one you’ll find in the database here but rather a nice sweet air. They also include quite a nice reel with The Bonnie Ship the Diamond, whose name I’d love to know. Finally, I’m surprised Wild Mountain Thyme isn’t here already… that may have to be rectified.

Re: Homeward Way

Track 6


Nashville high school students with assumed Scots accents - what?

‘This one’s mostly here for completeness sake’, but what exactly is it completing?

Possibly one of the worst names for a band ever.

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