Half-Set In Harlem

By De Dannan

  1. Joe Derrane’s
    The Galway Rambler
    Malcolm Finlay
  2. Lights Across The Bay
  3. Restless Farewell
  4. “Klezmer Hornpipes”:
    The Ruby
    The Banks
  5. Mulvihill’s
    Dublin Porter
  6. If Anything Happened To You
  7. Mike Flanagan’s
  8. A Classical
  9. Glasgow Lullabye
  10. Maam Valley
  11. Snowy Cordillera
  12. Miss Ramsey
    The Maids Of Mullaghmore
    The Turnpike
  13. Operator

Six comments

Track 12, 2nd reel (Maids Of Mullaghmore)

i know I’ve heard it b4, but I cant remember the name..


Track 12, 2nd reel (Maids Of Mullaghmore)

The second reel is commonly called The Halfway House.
I gather Maids Of Mullaghmore is the name of the first one.
A name [yet once again] made up by the group…
De Danann or De Dannan or DeDannann (that’s what is on this album!!!!!)

Re: Half-Set In Harlem

I’ve edited track # 12 - which is “Miss Ramsey / The Mermaid Of Mullaghmore [ parts reversed ] / The Turnpike”