Half-Set In Harlem

By De Dannan

  1. Joe Derrane’s
    Galway Rambler
    Malcolm Finlay
  2. Lights Across The Bay
  3. Restless Farewell
  4. Klezmer Hornpipes
    The Ruby
    The Banks
  5. Mulvihill’s
    Dublin Porter
  6. If Anything Happened To You
  7. Mike Flanagan’s
  8. Classical
  9. Glasgow Lullabye
  10. Maam Valley
  11. Snowy Cordillera
  12. Miss Ramsey
    The Maids Of Mullaghmore
    The Turnpike
  13. Operator

Six comments

Track 12, 2nd reel (Maids Of Mullaghmore)

i know I’ve heard it b4, but I cant remember the name..


Track 12, 2nd reel (Maids Of Mullaghmore)

The second reel is commonly called The Halfway House.
I gather Maids Of Mullaghmore is the name of the first one.
A name [yet once again] made up by the group…
De Danann or De Dannan or DeDannann (that’s what is on this album!!!!!)

Re: Half-Set In Harlem

I’ve edited track # 12 - which is "Miss Ramsey / The Mermaid Of Mullaghmore [ parts reversed ] / The Turnpike"

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