Stepping On The Bridge

By Hamish Moore

Two comments

Stepping On The Bridge by Hamish Moore

I knew Hamish Moore only as a pipe maker, but he is a fantastic piper too. I can’t believe this album was released yen years ago: his interpretation of traditional music is very refreshing even now.

Although Hamish is originally from Scotland, his piping style is greatly influenced by Cape Breton dance music. As many do, he insists Cape Breton styles are much more authentic than modern Scottish styles. There is no nostalgic interpretation of traditional Scottish music on his recording, and all the old tunes are revived as lively dance tunes. The track 7 is really great: very simple, classic tunes such as “The Ale is Dear” and “Tail Toddle” turned into very exciting pieces on Hamish Moore’s pipes.

Jerry Holland joins him on several tracks.

Track 11

The Souters O’ Selkirk and Go To Berwick Johnnie sound vastly different to the Borders tunes of the same name… are those just a misprint or just different tunes?