King Of The Concert Flute

By Seamus Tansey

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The Crown is Tarnished

Sorry but Seamus Tansey has tarnished his “crown” by his unforgivable behaviour in writing a vitriolic and abusive letter to a young female accordeon player (Sharon Langston), which ended up being read out in full on Irish national radio.

I have never listened to Tansey’s playing and I will actively avoid doing so in the future.

Anyway Matt Molloy is (and always has been) “The King”. Maybe Seamus should write a letter (of apology!) to Matt. Don’t hold your breath.

The man can play…

Yes, he acted in bad taste. But we don’t know to what extent the other player fed to his anger. He has been chastised publicly and has apologised -- after a fashion.
But the man can play. That is undeniable. He has a great store of music and stories. If you never listen to him it will be your loss.
And he isn’t the only musician who has acted the bollox.

Oops! I see I’d forgotten to return and add comment here, apologies for the oversight. But I see things have happened in that long pause, years, but am glad to see David has stepped in and given it balance and comment. Thanks for acting in my absence. 😉 I can see some bits I’d also meant to fill out, meaning track listings. Now to go see if I can find that recording before there’s another distraction, not that the current toothache isn’t enough of one…

3. ) Jim Donoghue’s Jigs = “The Trip to Athlone” / “The Rakes of Kildare”

Seamus starts off “The Rakes” with the B-part but then returns to norm, finishing as usual on that same B-part, a transcription added…

2. ) Jim Coleman’s Reels = “Jim Coleman’s” / “The Flowers Of Red Hill” / “Jim Donoghue’s”

Given time and remembering I hope to also add transcriptions from Mr. Tansey’s take on these. 😉

“Seamus Tansey: King of the Concert Flute” ~ notes

Sound Records, Grattan Street, Sligo, Ireland ~ SUN CD49

The notes for this one are pretty much useless, other than “Séamus plays a Ruddle & Rose Concert Flute”. Claims that this has been ‘Remastered’ seems a bit rich, a little dial noodling? Two tracks of tunes were left unnamed, just grouped under a source musicians name ~
2. ) Jim Coleman’s Reels
3. ) Jim Donoghue’s Jigs
They’ve now been named and linked. Elsewhere there are spelling mistakes, no real problem, and, also of use, they credit Charlie Lennon for the piano accompaniment.

Other than that, here’s all that’s given, pretty simpering and useless, and there are a few photos:

"What can one say in praise of the music of Séamus Tansey that hasn’t already been said. His true musical genius is amply manifest on this - his greatest ever recording. ( 😏 ?) Seeing Séamus at work in the studio is an experience never to be forgotten. His dedication and intense love for the music of Ireland is a shining example to all his fellow musicians.

Séamus has won every possible award on the concert flute. ( 😏 ?) This much travelled musician is also a very well known T.V. and Radio performer. It is in no way surprising that he is internationally known as ‘The King of the Concert Flute’." (Hmmmmmm… Waffle!)

If this were really to have any content as far as notes and filling in some blanks with text it would have given something more substantial about the life, times and views of Séamus Tansey, and something about the music, with the simple bother to research the tunes a little and give them their names, and find out from the man himself a little bit about where he picked them up, and who his main influences are… Still, the tracks are worth a listen even if the production values are low…