The Morning After

By Beneche

  1. Cristelle’s Jigs
    Sean Smyth’s
    Julie Langan’s
  2. The Flatbush
    The Broken Pledge
    Maria Clark’s
    The Best Day Of My Life
  3. Beeswing
  4. The Gift Of The Fairies
    The Humours Of Whiskey
    Farewell To Whalley Range
  5. Carmel O’Dea’s
    Cape Breton
    Jimmy Batty’s
  6. Brittany Speared
    Brendan Ring’s
  7. Three Polkas
  8. Old Shoes (And Picture Postcards)
  9. Pleasure Of The Isles
    The Flooded Road To Glenties
    Liz Carroll’s
  10. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
    Dan McDonald’s
    The Happy
  11. Lady Mary Ramsay
    Claire Mann’s
    Kathryn Nicoll’s

Two comments

A powerhouse group … fiddler Jamie Smith (Glasgow) and accordionist Padraig O‘Donnell (Kerry) are kept on their toes by guitarist Sean O’Donnell (Derry). They were joined last night by a bodhran dynamo - Martin O’Neill? (Glasgow) - who’s a permanent fixture in the line-up, although the album features guest bodhranist James Bremner (and guest fiddler Jamie McLellan).

Re: The Morning After

“Julie Langan’s”, the 3rd tune on Track #1 is “The Small Hills Of Offaly”, composed by Paddy O’Brien :