Under The Diamond

By Liz And Yvonne Kane

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The Kane Sisters: Under the Diamond

Chuck full of compositions by Paddy Fahy, plus some Fahy-ized versions of other tunes. Fred Finn’s in C. Ryan’s Rant in F, Hut in the Bog in Gmin. It’s a good one make no mistake.

They’ve borrowed John Blake from Teada for some very tasteful backing on guitar.

Mick Conneely appears as well - on bouzouki. His playing is just gorgeous and is one of my favorite things about this recording.

I was so excited when I found out they had a second Cd out—I can’t wait to get my hands on it! The Kane Sisters rock!!

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More of the same

More of the same really good stuff, that is. The accompaniment is a little stronger in the mix than on the first album, which is a good thing.

When I first listened, I had to check the CD to be sure I hadn’t popped in De Dannan by mistake. Excellent Alec Finn emulation, which is another good thing. Great cooperation between the guitar and zouk. Well produced.

And, by the way, the fiddling is mighty fine. Except for the greater emphasis on accompaniment, the album has an overall sound very much like the first one, as if a formula was followed. Since I bought it to hear the fiddling, not the "product impact", this doesn’t bother me