The Kathryn Tickell Band

By The Kathryn Tickell Band

  1. Holey Hapenny
    The Tyne Bridge
  2. Out On The Ocean
    The Cacodemon
    Coast Of Austria
    Thomas McElvogue’s No.1
  3. The Peacock Followed The Hen
  4. Drop Dead
    Franklin River
  5. Thomas McElvogue’s No.2
    Cuckold Out The Amery
    Thomas McElvogue’s No.3
  6. Desperation:Jockey
  7. Roly Gentle
    Hot Rivets
    Tartar Frigate
    Closed Face
  8. Nancy’s
    200th Birthday
  9. Floating From Skerry
  10. Dargai
    Elsdon Pool
    Jockey Stays Long At The Fair
  11. Faroe Rum
    The Teetotaller
    Farewell To Edinburgh
    The Barrowburn
  12. Otterburn

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Tunes I can submit

The Cacodemon and Faroe Rum


This was the first Kathryn Tickell album I acquired, and I still think it’s wonderful - the best of hers that I’ve heard, with great tunes and perfect instrumental balance. BTW, The dots to the Tom McElvogue tunes (spelt wrong above) can be found at:

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Thomas McElvogue is a very good flute player who lives, or did, in NE England, so I assume tunes credited to him work especially well on flute or whistle. Kathryn’s pipes piece "Otterburn" is an extended reflection on a battle that took place there long ago.