No Afore Time

By Hom Bru

  1. Millbrae
    Miss Susan Cooper
    Calum Donaldson
    Mickey Ainsworth
  2. Da Sang O’ Da Delting Lass
  3. Susi’s
  4. Scarce O’ Tatties
    Angus McKinnon
    My Kindly Sweetheart
    Jock Wilson’s Ball
  5. Da Sang O’ Da Fisherlad
  6. Recuerdos De La Alhambra
  7. The Galway
    The Poppy Leaf
  8. Da Trowie Song
  9. Serendipity
  10. Joys Of Quebec
    Crooked Stovepipe
    Mitten’s Breakdown
    Arkansas Traveller
    Golden Slippers
  11. High Rocking Swing
  12. Da Lass O’ Hascosay
  13. Bonnie Nancy
  14. The Harley Ashtray
    McPherson’s Trust
  15. Simmer Dim

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Hom Bru

Featuring some great banjo, mandolin ,fiddle and guitar, from the Shetlands premier folk band.