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bsykes62, are you seriously spending your cash on the recordings of this talentless ship wreck of a group? Please, if you are really interested in traditional Irish music, I mean seriously interested, then invest in real music. I have heard Irish music in many places. The worst I have ever heard has been in the US (some of the best I have heard has been in the US too!) and Gaelic Storm are one of the most dismal. They have no interest in authentic Irish music, have no talent for playing it and are regarded as a joke in Ireland.

Longnote, watch out or the nice police will gather together to give you the care-bear stare. Remember this is basically a communist group where opinions are dangerous & religion is poison.

I’m new on the site & I was just reading through the comments, I’d have to agree with long note - galelic storm’s stuff is a bit dismal, though each to their own & if bsykes62 likes it - the fair play to him/her.

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This is sickening

Just because they are not ‘traditional’ does not mean they are talentless. They are still a fun group to listen to regardless.

I agree with Seasaidh. Music does not have to be traditional to be enjoyable. Furthermore, Gaelic Storm does not consider themselves to be a traditional band. They play quite a few traditional songs, and most of the rest are original songs of their own invention. This group is full of talent.

Sight of Land…Gaelic Storm

Does anyone know the names of the tunes in the ‘Sight of land’ set on the Self titled (1998) CD?

Re: Sight of Land…Gaelic Storm

Julia Delaney, Mouth of the Toique and Colley’s Reel

Re: Sight of Land…Gaelic Storm

That’s Cooley’s Reel 🙂

I like them

I had no idea these people were a joke in Ireland. Is that why I can actually follow their music by ear? I try to do this with Solas, say, and I completely can’t. They basically “taught” me McCloud’s Reel, Julia Delaney’s, Joe Cooley’s, O’Keefe’s Slide, and lots of others. They are fun and IMHO they are good and worth buying the music of. What is untraditional about them? That they use the djembe? I think that’s cool.

Re: Sammy’s Fancy

Does anyone know the tune names of the set “Sammy’s Fancy”? I think one is Athol Highlanders. Some of the tunes in this set seem like the ones of the CD Ceol Aduaidh, on the Poirt set.

Sammy’s Fancy consists of “Health to the Ladies” aka An Irishmans Heart to the Ladies, Atholl Highlanders, and Scatter the Mud in a different key than the one up on

I came across Longnote’s comments disparaging this act while searching for something else and had to respond. I’ve had the privilege, years ago, of getting a few tunes in a session or two in Santa Monica with the beautiful Kathleen Keane, who was at that time a member of this band or who had recently left it. She was and is an outstanding fiddle player with drive and flair. I was wowed.