By Gerry O’Connor

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Gerry O’Connor - New CD - Journeyman

October 2004 sees the release of this new album entitled “Journeyman” which traces Gerry’s musical development and experiences as a skilled performer in the traditional art of Irish fiddle playing. Each of the twelve carefully crafted tracks celebrate the rich musical heritage of the great master musicians of the last century.

“Sparkling” “ Immaculate“ and with “Dazzling Ability” were words used recently by the national Press to describe the music of Gerry O’Connor, one of Ireland’s most outstanding fiddle players. His family has played fiddle for at least four generations and Gerry is able to draw on this wealth of music learned from his mother Rose O’Connor and also from hand-written manuscripts passed down through the family. Later he came under the influence of Joe Gardiner the great Sligo fiddle player, who lived in Dundalk for many years.

Gerry breathes new life and intensity into many long forgotten tunes from his home area in the North East of Ireland. His unique personal style and splendidly fluid bow-hand combined with technical virtuosity have brought him to concert stages throughout the world and have earned him international renown.

Gerry continues to go from strength to strength and November 2004 sees the release of his new album entitled ‘Journeyman’. The album coincides with Gerry’s German tour this year.

Featured Artists include;
Donal O’Connor - Piano, Fiddle, Octo-Bouzouki
Paul McSherry - Guitar
Neil Martin - Cello
Martin Quinn - Accordion
Martin O’Hare - Bodhran

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Besides Track 3 slow air. the track 8 S. Jigs are GREAT for lower intermediates and all above. The price of the CD is covered gy the first track alone. Nothin’ but the best.

The McGann’s on track 11 is actually 2 tunes, The Old Dudeen and The Widow’s Daughter