Classics Of Irish Piping

By Leo Rowsome

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Topic TSCD471

"The Leo Rowsome Collection of Irish Music:
428 Reels & Jigs from the pen of
master uilleann piper Leo Rowsome"

Waltons, 2002
ISBN 1-85720-138-8

24 tracks, this CD includes two albums - “Leo Rowsome: Classics of Irish Piping Volumes 1 & 2”, originally Topic LPs released in 1975 & 1977. The actual recordings of these tracks were made between 1926 and 1948 for three other labels - Rex, HMV and Columbia.


One of my favorite uilleann recordings ever.

Missing Tracks

Unfortunately in the transition from LP to CD several tracks seem to have disappeared from this recording

I’ll have to remember to check the LP and make those additions, at least here in the comments…

“Leo Rowsome: Classics Of Irish Piping” ~ Topic TSCD471

This recording, CD, is a compilation of two previous LP recordings on the Topic label ~

12T259: “Classics of Irish Piping Volume 1: Leo Rowsome” (Volume 1) - 16 tracks, 1975
- & -
12T322: - Classics of Irish Piping Volume 3: Leo Rowsome Volume 2" - 14 tracks, 1977

Tracks 1 through 12 on the CD are from the first volume while tracks 13 through 24 are from the second, with 6 tracks from the two LPs not included on the CD:

Missing tracks: 1 & 2 on the first LP

1. ) reels: Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / Touch Me If You Dare

2. ) jigs: Top of the Cork Road / The Irish Washerwoman

Missing tracks: 7, 12, 13, & 15 on the second LP

7. ) reels: The Bunch of Keys / Buckley’s Fancy

12. ) jigs: Brian O’Lynn / The Newly Married Couple

13. ) marches: A Nation Once Again / The Bold Fenian Men / Fainne Geal an Lac

15. ) jig: The Snowy Breasted Pearl