A Jacket Of Batteries

By De Dannan

  1. The Land Of Sunshine
    The Old Pigeon On The Gate
  2. The Call And The Answer
  3. The Clumsy Lover
  4. The Flatbush
  5. Catalonia
  6. Sailing In
  7. The Mountains Of Pomeroy
  8. Mandela
  9. The Rambles Of Bach
  10. Táim I Mo Shuí
  11. The Doberman’s Wallet
  12. Carrickfergus
  13. Eleanor Rigby

Nine comments

another version of the band with Frankie Gavin on Fiddle and Alec Finn on bouzouki and this time singer Eleanor Shanley , Colm Murphy on bodhran, accordeonist Aiden Coffey and guest Adele O’Dwyer on the cello.
The usual stuff here great traditional tunes and very soft songs. In addition there is a Beatles ‘tune’ and a some Bach tunes converted to ‘IRTRAD’

JofB band lineup live

Saw them in Keadue at the 1990 O’Carolan festival - I don’t think Jacket of Batteries made it to the US for another year - Elanor Shanley was captivating & the band was in fine form. Colm Murphy was absolutely _scary_ - he did a bodhran solo that sounded like an entire Taiko drum ensemble, followed by a fine duet reel with Gavin on tin whistle.

I like this one though I find its tunes and songs on the whole less riveting than on other D-D albums (for example, nearly all the tune sets consist of a single tune, foregoing the dramatics of changes in a 3 or 4 tune set: but I assume the band knew all about that side of things, and wanted to do things differently).
Three tracks make it for me: the sensitive treatment of the beautiful slow tune "The Mountains Of Pomeroy", the Klezmer tune "The Flatbush Waltz", and the song "Catalonia" about the Spanish Civil War - better written than a lot of songs written after the event on political/historical subjects.

Sailing in B

Regarding the tune "sailing in B" on the record, What key is it traditionally written in, on my record it is played in f major but i dont tihnk this is correct, if anyone knows can they tell me and i can transpose.

cheers, decca

Sailing in B

I think you’ll find the reel is called "Sailing in", the ‘B’ has been transposed from the next tune in the set, i.e. Reel A: "Sailing in", B: "Alice’s Reel"

Authorship of Clumsy Lover

I was not impressed when I first saw this album as I know Frankie Gavin knew it was written by Neil Dickie before the album was recorded, but conveniently forgot to credit it. Also they did not write the jig version. See


According to "spoon", it was written and played in the key of "E". I inadvertently transposed it.

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Does anybody know how this recording got it’s somewhat bizarre title ? Just curious.

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