Feel The Bow

By Aidan Burke

Two comments

Feel the Bow

This is a great recording from a cousin of Kevin Burke. Aidan Burke’s style is a jazzier style, similar to that of Liz Carroll. The backup musicians are great,are in the band Comas along with Burke.

A bulk of the tunes were penned by Burke and are in the trad style so to speak.

Am looking forward to more.

Aidan Burke _Feel the Bow

Now based in Belgium, London Irish fiddler Aidan Burke adds a bit of percussion to his solo debut backed up with :
_Philip Masure (guitar) and Jackie Moran (bodhran / percussion), and joined by Sylvain Barou (flute / uilleann pipes / low whistle), Wim Ramon (double bass), Michel Sikiotakis (flute / whistle), Guido Piccard (cittern) and Barry Wickens (violin).

Produced / Recorded by Aidan Burke and Philip Masure, Folk Studio, Belgium
Sleeve notes by Jackie McCauley

(c) 2004 www.aidanburke.com www.folk.be www.folk.be/comas

The first (and only) ‘trad track’ is an enlightened mix of 4 jigs & reels, the rest being firey & moody originals by Aidan and a few others, nicely sprinkled with trad including one of his cousins tunes done in a way (i think) unmatchable anywhere. Fifty minutes of heartfelt Burke played in the way only he can . . . feel the passion . . . feel the bow