Feel The Bow

By Aidan Burke

  1. The Star Of Munster
    Reel Of Rio
    The Humours Of Westport
  2. Feel The Bow
    Thanks To Gavin
  3. Oslo’s Call
    New Hands
  4. Tune For Miceal
  5. Salvia
    The Reverend’s Daughter
  6. The Morning Dew
    Niall Keegan’s
    Sweeney’s Buttermilk
  7. Lios An Uisce
    Up In The Air
    The Lonesome
    The Monahan
  8. Gary Connolly’s
    Punch In The Dark
    On The Floor
  9. Yannina’s Inspiration
    Any Fur Coat
  10. Jerry Holland’s
    The Dodgy Chanter
    Michael Coleman’s

Two comments

Feel the Bow

This is a great recording from a cousin of Kevin Burke. Aidan Burke’s style is a jazzier style, similar to that of Liz Carroll. The backup musicians are great,are in the band Comas along with Burke.

A bulk of the tunes were penned by Burke and are in the trad style so to speak.

Am looking forward to more.

Aidan Burke _Feel the Bow

Now based in Belgium, London Irish fiddler Aidan Burke adds a bit of percussion to his solo debut backed up with :
_Philip Masure (guitar) and Jackie Moran (bodhran / percussion), and joined by Sylvain Barou (flute / uilleann pipes / low whistle), Wim Ramon (double bass), Michel Sikiotakis (flute / whistle), Guido Piccard (cittern) and Barry Wickens (violin).

Produced / Recorded by Aidan Burke and Philip Masure, Folk Studio, Belgium
Sleeve notes by Jackie McCauley

(c) 2004 www.aidanburke.com www.folk.be www.folk.be/comas

The first (and only) ‘trad track’ is an enlightened mix of 4 jigs & reels, the rest being firey & moody originals by Aidan and a few others, nicely sprinkled with trad including one of his cousins tunes done in a way (i think) unmatchable anywhere. Fifty minutes of heartfelt Burke played in the way only he can … feel the passion … feel the bow