The Cook In The Kitchen

By John Brosnan

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Brilliant - one of my favourites, layed back and relaxed in nice old-style tempos. We love it…

I’ll hunt up the names for he ‘gan ainms’ for the future, but this favourite needs to be here rather than wait…

Again - also for Kenny!

Absolutely gorgeous. I recognise some polkas and slides but don’t know their names. I think some of them are already on this site.

The Chaffpool Post?

The first tune of the track 6 was posted as "The Glenbeigh" on this site.

John Brosnan

Seemingly effortless box playing, flawless transitions—this album is a sheer delight. Does he have other CDs? BTW, I’ve seen both names, Glenbeigh Hornpipe and Chaffpool Post