Johnny O’Leary Of Sliabh Luachra

By Johnny O’Leary

  1. John Walshe’s
    Monvara Bridge
  2. A Night At The Fair
    The Cat In The Corner
  3. Murphy’s
    The Greencastle
  4. The Kenmare
  5. Jerome Burke’s
    The Cobbler
  6. The Gallant Tipperary Boys
    The First Cousin Of The Gallant Tipperary Boys
  7. The Annaghbeg
  8. The Hair Fell Off My Coconut
  9. Thadelo’s
    Turkey In The Straw
  10. The Campdown Races
  11. An Sean Bhean Bhocht
  12. The Bicycle
  13. Pádraig O’ Keeffe’s New
    Pádraig O’ Keeffe’s Woman Of The House
  14. Barrack Hill
    If I Had A Wife
  15. Bill The Weaver’s
    The Blue Ribbon
  16. Paddy Spillane’s
  17. The Knocknagree
    John Collins’ Fancy
  18. Mick Mahony’s
    The Kilcummin
  19. Dan O’Leary’s
    Dan Sweeney’s
  20. Keeffe’s
    Pádraig O’ Keeffe’s
    Julia Clifford’s
  21. Crowley’s #1
    Crowley’s #2
  22. Dan O’Leary’s
  23. Thadelo Sullivan’s
  24. Molly Myers’
    Jack Connell’s
  25. The Green Cottage
  26. The Cornerhouse
    Come West Along The Road
  27. Connie Fleming’s
  28. The Old Grey Goose

Ten comments

With Tim Kiely on guitar

We have been lucky enough to have had the O‘Learys in our lives, and not just to dance to and play music with. Johnny was great craic. He put up with a lot, and a few times ’the visitors from the cities‘ damn near ended up in his lap in their exuberance. Thank God for raised stages. When I first had the pleasure there was only about one set regularly dancing at Dan O’Connells, something that changed too rapidly. Growth and quantity isn’t always a good thing. With Johnny, as with many, music is only part of it all, dance too, just seasoning. There is so much more to the man. I pray we meet again, whatever the circumstances, there are a number of chats we’ve left open it would be nice to pick up again…

This is another one for you Kenny…

“Johnny O’Leary of Sliabh Luachra: Dance Music from the Cork-Kerry Border”

Recorded in December, 1995 in Dan O’Connell’s pub, Knocknagree - this was a regular venue for Johnny and local dance traditions. Eventually it became a mecca for tourists from as far away as Japan and as near as Cork City.

Craft Recordings, Dublin - CRCS01

28 tracks - Craft Recordings - (CD) CRCD01, 1995

“An Calmfhear/The Trooper” - Johnny O’Leary
17 tracks - Gael Linn CEFC 132 / CEFCD 132, 1989

“Music From Sliabh Luachra Volume 5-Johnny O’Leary: Music for the Set”
18 tracks - Topic /Ossian OSSCD 25
Recordings made 1976-77 -
“-this recording - also features his daughter Ellen on whistle and fiddle players Mick Duggan and Maurice O’Keeffe-”…

Sliabh Luachra & surrounds ~

1.) “Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 1: Kerry Fiddles”
Padraig O’Keefe with Denis & Julia (Clifford) Murphy
Topic 12T 309 / TSCD309 - Ossian OSSCD10

2.) “Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 2: The Star of Munster Trio”
Julia (fiddle), John (piano accordion) & Billy Clifford (flute)
Topic 12TS310 - Ossian 45

3.) “Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 3: The Humours of Lisheen”
John (piano accordion) & Julia Clifford (fiddle)
Topic 12TS311 - Ossian OSS 14

4.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 4:
Irish Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music from Kerry and Tipperary"
Billy Clifford (flute), et. al.
Topic 12TS312 - Ossian OSS 11

5.) ~ the recording entered here ~ Johnny O’Leary

6.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 6: Jackie Daly -
Traditional Accordion and Concertina Music from Sliabh Luachra"
Topic 12TS358
Released on CD by Ossian: OSSCD 30 & Green Linnet: GLCD3065

“The Star Above the Garter”
Denis (fiddle) & Julia Murphy/Clifford (fiddle)

“Ceol As Sliabh Luachra”
Julia (fiddle) & Billy (flute) Clifford

“The Rushy Mountain: Classic Music from Sliabh Luachra 1957-77”
- a compilation of tracks from the six albums in the Topic series “Music from Sliabh Luachra volumes 1-6”…

More of Sliabh Luachra ~

5.) “Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 5 ~ ”
- - - apologies for the lack of clarity ~ I meant to say ’listed here previously in the comments"…

“Padraig O’Keefe: The Sliabh Luachra Fiddle Master”

“Denis Murphy: Music from Sliabh Luachra”

“Denis Doody Plays Kerry Music”
Mulligan - LUN 019, 1978

“Traditional Music From The Kingdom Of Kerry”
Jimmy Doyle (Melodeon) and Dan O’Leary (fiddle)
Shanachie 29007, and it was recorded in 1977.

Dan O’Connell’s pub, Knocknagree has closed down for good in October 2007.

Re: Johnny O’Leary Of Sliabh Luachra

The rats there ate my green denim coat… 🙁

Re: Johnny O’Leary Of Sliabh Luachra

Track 16: Johnny Spillane’s (2) (JOL.50). at the end Johnny plays the first part of Johnny Spillane’s (1) (JOL.49) but the dance finishes.