The Grouse In The Heather

By P.J. And Marcus Hernon

  1. The Grouse In The Heather
    The Hunted Pheasant
  2. The Snipe In The Marsh
    The Curlew’s Cry
  3. The Invisible Corncrake
  4. The Peeping Plover
    The Squeaking Woodcock
  5. The Chattering Stormcock
    The Musicial Thrush
  6. The Herring Gull
    The Diving Gannet
  7. The Golden Plover
    The Bobbing Sandpiper
  8. The Linnet’s Chorus
    The Beautiful Goldfinch
  9. The Hovering Kestrel
    The Lady’s Falcon
  10. The Lonely Bittern
  11. The Nesting Goldcrest
    The Warbling Robin
    The Kingfisher’s Delight
  12. The Dark-eyed Raven
    The Barefaced Crow

Two comments

‘An Chearc Fhraoigh’ _The Grouse in the Heather

All the tunes are composed by Marcus (flute) and played with his brother, P.j.(accordian), along with Charlie Lennon (piano), Steve Cooney (guitar), Laoise Kelly (harp) and Paul Higgins (percussion).

Produced / Recorded by Charlie Lennon, Cuan Av. studio, Spiddal
Sleeve notes by Seosamh O Cuaig and Joe Burke

(c) 2000 Feenish sound Email :

Reels : Tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, 11(3rd tune) & 12
Jigs : Tracks 2, 7 & 11(1st tune)
Slow Airs : Tracks 3 & 10
Hornpipes : Track 5
Waltzs : Track 8
Barn Dance : Track 11(2nd tune)

The beautiful goldfinch

this is the tune

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