Irish Traditional Flute Solos And Band Music From Kerry And Tipperary

By Billy Clifford

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  1. The Fermoy Lasses
    The Honeymoon
  2. The Upperchurch No. 1
    The Upperchurch No. 2
  3. Matt Hayes’s
  4. Matt Hayes’s No. 1
    Matt Hayes’s No. 2
  5. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    The Munster
  6. Julia Clifford’s
    No Name
  7. Mrs.Ryan’s
    Danny Green’s
  8. The Doon
    Padraig O’Keefe’s
  9. The Hollyford
    The Flowing Tide
  10. The Bracken Brae
    Napoleon’s Grand March
  11. Michael Coleman’s
  12. The Ballyhoura Mountains
    The Top Of Maol
  13. Hetty O’Hady
  14. The Milliner’s Daughter
  15. Bill The Waiver’s
  16. The Home Brew
    The Druid’s Field
  17. Willie Doherty’s
    Up On The Waggon
  18. The Lilting Banshee
    The Moycarkey
  19. Byrne’s
  20. Charlie Mulvihill’s
    Muckross Abbey

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This recording is possibly unique, in that it’s the only recording I know of devoted to the music of Co.Kerry [ & also Tipperary ] played on the concert flute. There are some solo tracks , and the rest are a trio of flute, accordion and [unfortunately, as far as I am concerned],drums. I wouldn’t call it virtuoso playing by the standards of today, but Billy Clifford is highly regarded as a player of polkas and slides by his peers. Also unusual in that he plays a flute with the “Radcliffe” system of keys.

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Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 4: Irish Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music from Kerry and Tipperary"

Billy Clifford, et al.
Topic 12TS312
Ossian: OSS 11

Also including Billy Clifford, with his ma on fiddle - Julia, and well worth considering:

"Ceol As Sliabh Luachra"

1.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 1: Kerry Fiddles"
Padraig O’Keefe with Denis & Julia (Clifford) Murphy
Topic 12T 309 / TSCD309 - Ossian OSSCD10

2. )"Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 2: The Star of Munster Trio"
Topic 12TS310 - Ossian 45

3.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 3: The Humours of Lisheen"
John & Julia Clifford
Topic 12TS311 - Ossian OSS 14

"The Star Above the Garter"
Denis & Julia Murphy (Clifford)

"The Rushy Mountain: Classic Music from Sliabh Luachra 1957-77"
- a compilation of tracks from the six albums in the Topic series "Music from Sliabh Luachra volumes 1-6"…

Billy Clifford

I play with Billy on a friday night in The Granery a pub in Cahir Co Tipperary where we hold a weekly session. He is a fine player of polkas and slides and I did not know he had made any recordings as he would not talk of them, I must ask him about them. Anybody in the area in more than welcome to come and join us.
Good Luck

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Billy recorded a couple of setsof solo flute for volume 2 of "Wooden Flute Obsession". Only 1 set appears on the CD. The rest are up to him to release if he wishes. He said this was his first recording in about 25 years, but seemed open to possibly record with an accordion player he regularly plays with. He plays boths the Radcliffe and a wooden Boehm.

Near as I can tell (I just have a dub of this on a data CD) track 9 listed here is actually two tracks - The Hollyford Jigs is track 9 and the Flowing Tide is track 10. There are 21 tracks on my CD dub.

Music from Sliabh Luachra ~ all in the family ~

4.) ~ the recording listed here, Billy Clifford

5.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 5: Johnny O’Leary -
Music for the Set"
Recordings made 1976-77 - 18 tracks - Topic /Ossian OSSCD 25

6.) "Music from Sliabh Luachra Volume 6: Jackie Daly -
Traditional Accordion and Concertina Music from Sliabh Luachra"
Topic 12TS358
Released on CD by Ossian: OSSCD 30 & Green Linnet: GLCD3065

"Padraig O’Keefe: The Sliabh Luachra Fiddle Master"

"Denis Murphy: Music from Sliabh Luachra"

"An Calmfhear/The Trooper" - Johnny O’Leary"
17 tracks - Gael Linn CEFC 132 / CEFCD 132, 1989

"Johnny O’Leary of Sliabh Luachra: Dance Music from the Cork-Kerry Border"
Craft Recordings, Dublin - CRCS01
28 tracks - Craft Recordings - (CD) CRCD01, 1995

"Denis Doody Plays Kerry Music"
Mulligan - LUN 019, 1978

"Traditional Music From The Kingdom Of Kerry"
Jimmy Doyle (Melodeon) and Dan O’Leary (fiddle)
Shanachie 29007, and it was recorded in 1977.

Tune titles: some gaps filled

A pal of mine is on a tear lately sourcing out of print albums. ‘Org members are sending him tapes and I’m converting them to digital on my iBook with the Griffin iMic. While I’m doing that, I try to fill in the gaps on tune titles. So, for this album:

Track 3, Tune 1: Matt Hayes’s Jig
5,1: The Cordal Jig
6,1: Seanbhean Na GCartai
6,2: The Coalminers’ (aka More Power to Your Elbow)
8,2: Tie the Bonnet
9,1: The Hollyford Jig
the 1st tune in the Michael Coleman jig set is "Wheels of the World"
the last set on the album is "Billy Broker’s" and "Muckross Abbey"

Billy Clifford & The Billy Clifford Trio

Billy Clifford ~ flute
Matt Hayes ~ accordion
Catherine Ryan/Clifford ~ drums

"The Rough Guide to Irish Music Supplement"

" ~ after leaving school, he returned to England in 1959 where his parents began playing again in London’s Irish dance halls. By now Billy was playing piccolo, but soon progressed to flute and began his own separate musical career, linking up with his parents in the mid-1960s to form one of the most renowned London-Irish groups of the era, The Star of Munster Trio, which released a classic album for Topic. Billy went back to Ireland at the end of the decade, basing himself in Tipperary town, where he joined the Cappagh White Céilí Band, later marrying its drummer, Catherine Ryan. Winning the All-Ireland flute title in 1970 cemented Billy’s reputation on home turf and he recorded his own solo album in 1976/1977. Rather an oddity, this in part features Billy’s accomplished flute (a keyed wooden Radcliffe) on a number of tunes acquired from the family repertoire including Bill the Waiver’s (named after Julia’s illustrious father, Bill Murphy), interspersed with the trio formed with Catherine and accordionist Matt Hayes to play Tipperary set dances."


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Sorry Floss, I didn’t realize it was from your site or I wouldn’t have. I do see now, duh, that it is ‘’…

I should have also known ~ "The Rough Guide"… It was done with a nod of respect to both sources, at least in my mind, whoever and whatever the source, both respected…

If it was out of ‘disrespect’ I wouldn’t have bothered to give any links or credit… But I should know better, where you are concerned, to avoid it at all costs… I’ll ask Jeremy to axe it. I would not want to contribute anything that the source was unhappy with… I would write this direct, but won’t, considering past problems there…


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Sorry Floss, I usually do, really, but screwed up, not the first time. It was someone who contacted me and asked about this recording. Sadly I haven’t my LPs on hand and instead of just sending them the info, and your clearer description than I’d be capable of, I added it here. Mea culpa… I admit my oversight.

Keep up the good works ~ and I’ll try to keep my dyslexic oversights under better control. I promise, it causes me more frustrations than others, though my wife gets a bit fed up with it too from time to time.

Again, apologies…

Nerd alert, instead of working on music I’ve been buried under thousands of digital files seeking out bugs in my dear wife’s work and this computer, including all last night and today, right now. Helping someone find information on Billy Clifford was an escape while doing this. Again, sorry for the clumsiness and oversight… 😏 I have written Jeremy so expect all this will eventually be cleared away…


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Thanks, I’ll at least get him to clear my useless bits here. I also own the booklet produced for this set of recordings, but alas, also not on hand… ~ Still digitally frustrated with corrupt files here. Appreciated Floss, apologies I remain apprehensive about ‘contact’, but the respect of what you know and do remains…

It might not always be obvious, but I’m obsessed with giving credit where it is due, though my oddly wired brain sometimes gets in the way…

Re: Irish Traditional Flute Solos And Band Music From Kerry And Tipperary

Just revisiting this album for the first time in years. Really wonderful flute playing! The band pieces are also great. I noticed that the first jig on Track 9 is the Paddy O’Brien composition The New House and I edited the link to reflect that. The second tune on Track 9 is the Sean Ryan jig Dancing Eyes—correctly named on the album but missing from the track listing on this page.

Re: Irish Traditional Flute Solos And Band Music From Kerry And Tipperary

Here’s the full track listing

1. Billy – The Fermoy Lasses/The Honeymoon [Reels]
2. Trio – The Upperchurch 1/The Upperchurch 2 [Polkas]
3. Trio - Matt Hayes’ (Paddy Fahey’s 1)/Farewell to Gurteen[Jigs]
4. Billy - Matt Hayes’ [Polkas]
5. Billy – The Cordal/The Munster [Jigs]
6. Trio – Julia Clifford’s/The Coalminer’s [Reels]
7. Trio - Mrs Ryan’s/Danny Green’s [Polkas]
8. Billy – The Doon/Pádraig O’Keeffe’s [Reels]
9. Trio – The Hollyford/Dancing Eyes [Jigs]
10. Trio - The Flowing Tide [Hornpipe]
11. Trio – The Bracken Brae/Napoleon’s Grand March [Marches]
12. Trio – The Wheels of the World/Michael Coleman’s [Jigs]
13. Trio – Terry Teahan’s/The Top of Maol [Polkas]
14. Billy – Hetty O’Hady [Jig]
15. Billy – The Milliner’s Daughter/Durang’s [Reels]
16. Billy – The Cuban/Bill the Waiver [Polkas]
17. Trio – The Home Brew/The Druid’s Field [Hornpipes]
18. Trio – Willie Doherty’s/Up on the Wagon [Polkas]
19. Billy – The Lilting Banshee/The Moycarkey [Jigs]
20. Billy - Byrne’s [Hornpipe]
21. Billy – Garret Barry’s/Muckross Abbey [Reels]