The Flute Players Of Roscommon - Vol 1

By Various Artists

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  1. Fr O’Grady’s Trip To Bocca
    Darby’s Farewell To London
  2. Crehan’s Kitchen
    The Sand Mount
  3. Gerry’s Beaver Hat
    Adam And Eve
  4. The Foxhunter’s
    The Mountain Top
  5. Rolling In The Ryegrass
    The Abbey
  6. The Girl In The Big House
    The Killavil
    The Maid On The Green
  7. Molly Bawn
    The Kerry
  8. Tansey’s Favourite
    The Hare’s Paw
  9. The Buck In The Wood
    Andy McGann’s
  10. Bonnie Scotland
    Joe Bane’s
  11. McDermott’s
    The Trip To Birmingham
  12. The Mouse In The Cupboard
    Fasten The Leg In Her
  13. Down The Broom
    The Gatehouse Maid
  14. The Rathcroghan
    Trim The Velvet
  15. Martin Wynne’s No.1
    Captain Kelly’s

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The Flute Players of Roscommon Vol 1

All tracks are unaccompanied flute music except for one track of whistle. The tracks are mostly solos with one or two duets

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Flautists Featured

Patsy Hanly
Tommy Guihan
Catherine McEvoy
John Kelly
John Carlos
Pat Finn
John Wynne
Brian Duke
John P Kelly
John Wynne
Frank Jordon
Patsy McNamara
Bernard Flaherty