By Gaelic Storm

  1. The Beggarman
    Johnny McGreevy’s Favorite
  2. Before The Night Is Over
  3. Johnny Tarr
  4. Swimmin’ In The Sea
  5. The Ships Are Sailing
    Miss McCleod’s
    Tom Fitzmorris’
  6. Black Is The Colour
  7. Mary’s Eyes
  8. New York Girls
    Maggie In The Woods
  9. An Poc Ar Buile
    The Goat In The Thicket
    Licking Nettles
  10. The Coalminer
    Speed The Plough
    The Rainy Day
  11. I Thought I Knew You
  12. Go Home Girl
    The Rose In The Heather
  13. The Caterpillar
    Miss Monaghan
    The Midnight Kiss
  14. Walk Through My Door