Barr Trá

By Mary Custy And Quentin Cooper

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  1. Benwhiskin
  2. Costumi Siciliane
  3. Fourteen Year Old’s
  4. Underneath the Bunker
  5. Coney Hill
    Toss The Feathers
  6. In the Time of the Gypsies
  7. Tales from the Heart of Chang Tzu
  8. The Hidden Ground
    John Faulkner’s
  9. Paul Rodden’s
  10. The Forgotten Garden
  11. Chenresie
  12. Gurdjieff’s
  13. The Four Courts Set
  14. Love Fields

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Re: Barr Trá

Own label release; 2003

I’ve corrected the OP’s spelling errors and erroneous track order.

There’s very little of interest on this eclectic album which includes a poorly delivered REM song, though Mary’s on good form when she hits the reels.

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