By Beolach

  1. Pipe Major George Ross’ Welcome To The Black Watch
    Golden Anniversary
    The Way To Mull River
    John Morrison Of Assynt House
    The Sandwich Maker
  2. Norman’s
  3. Jenny Belle Lane
    The Girls In Boisdale
    The Sisters’
  4. Contentment Is Wealth
    Drover Lads
    Sweet Willie
  5. Sandy MacIntyre’s March
    Lord Lyndoch’s Welcome
    Hoch Hey Johnny
    Kentucky Mandolin
    A Johnny Wilmot
    The Sheep Shanks
  6. Corporal AB
    Sarty Party
    Will Ye Not Come Back To Yon Toon
  7. Mrs Crawford
  8. The Forest Of Garth
    Strathspey Gan Ainm
    Moving Cloud
    The Watchmaker
    Stone Frigate
  9. Memories Of Father Charlie Macdonald
  10. David Rankin’s
    Brose And Butter
    Francis Aucoin
  11. Toss The Fiddles
    Bras D’Or House
    Castle Bay Scrap
    My Great Friend John Morris
  12. The Night We Had The Goats
    West Mabou
    Pipe Reel Gan Ainm

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Personally, I find Beolach to be one of the most exciting ensembles I’ve yet to come across. While they are capable of absolute wall-of-sound ensemble playing, they tend to the understated much of the time. Beolach comprises Wendy MacIsaac (fiddle,banjo), Mairi Rankin (fiddle), Patrick Gillis (guitars), Ryan MacNeil (pipes, whistles) and Mac Morin (piano). Their website address

I’m really curious about Wendy MacIsaac’s banjo playing! This should be a great recording.

Good for you posting Beolach’s new cd, "Variations". I love CB music and go to study fiddle there frequently, and frankly, I don’t think that this band gets enough recognition. What an ensemble! I’m quite partial to Mac’s piano playing, as I was only 11 years old when he and I first crossed paths at the Glenora Distillery Pub in Cape Breton. I hope we get another chance to jam because he’s an amazing pianist! Beolach makes for a great ambassador band to Canada and holy geeze, can they play!

These guys are simply stunning. High energy, imaginative arrangements, and exquisite musicianship.

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Last tune of the last set

It is a pipe reel called dancing feet. by G.S. MacLennan is I am not mistaken

Re: Variations

This was such a great band; everyone an incredible player. Listening to this CD right now. They get together again occasionally, for Celtic Colours or something similar…. I saw them at the Christmas Island hall for a Feis event I think. They’re all great teachers too, and really support the young ones.