By Cormac De Barra

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  1. Hob Knobs
    Stan Chapman’s
  2. George Brabazon
    Planxty Hewlett
  3. Madame Cole
  4. Do Chuirfinnse Féin
  5. Sgt. Early’s Dream
  6. Collier’s
    Gilbert Clancy’s
  7. Mr O’Connor
  8. Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Queen Of The Rushes
  9. Slan Le Ceol
  10. Una Bhan
  11. The Monaghan
  12. The Booterstown Manoevres
  13. The Old Torn Petticoat
    The Custard Cream

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Who he?

Some information please?

Cormac De Barra

Sorry, I didn’t have time when I posted it.

Cormac De Barra is a harper from Dublin.
As a soloist Cormac has performed throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East. With Anne-Marie O’Farrell he has frequently appeared in concerts/recitals for harp duet.
At 17 he perfomed solo for the Emperor of Japan in Tokyo!!

On this recording he plays with his two brothers, Fionan and Eamonn.

He has a lovely style, very easy to listen to, and some great tunes!


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I’ve never heard him playing but know Eamonn De Barra plays flute.

Lovely guys

I have played some shows with Cormac and Eamon - just did a couple this past weekend (Atlanta Celtic Christmas celebration). They are great guys and play together like, well, brothers. Wonderfully sensitive duet playing. Their rendition of Mr. O’Connor has now become definitive for me.