Drioball na Fáinleoige

By Johnny Connolly

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  1. The Swallow’s Tail
  2. ’Sí Do Mhamó Í
    Gan Ainm
  3. Cous Teehan’s
    The Blackbird
  4. Cooley’s
    Come West Along The Road
  5. The Annabla Polka 2/The Annabla Polka 1
  6. Na Ceannabháin Bhána
    Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh
  7. Amhrán Mhaínse
  8. Ríleanna Chois Fharraige
  9. Give Us A Drink Of Water
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  10. Kiely Cotter’s
    The Bridge Of Athlone
    The Cúil Aodha
  11. That’s Right Too!
    The Leading Role
  12. Johnny Seoighe
  13. The Bee’s Wing
    The High Level
  14. Poirt Inis Bearacháin
  15. The Bucks Of Oranmore
  16. The Friendly Robin
    The Dawn Chorus

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Drioball na Fáinleoige

Johnny Connolly: melodeon, B/C accordion
Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano
Steve Cooney: guitar, piano
Noírín Ní Ghrádaigh: fiddle

A classic old Hohner four stop one row melodeon graces the cover of this CD that was made in 1998 and it sounds excellent. Connolly gives this instrument a workout on many of the tracks in jigs, set dances, slip jigs, slides, polkas, hornpipes and reels including a mellow version of Liz Carroll’s reels That’s Right Too and the Leading Role.

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What key is the melodeon?

Drioball Na Fáinleoige

It’s in D on this album. On his first album, "An tOileán Aerach", it was C.

Re: Drioball Na Fáinleoige

Cló Iar-Ch0nnachta; 1998.

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