Drioball na Fáinleoige

By Johnny Connolly

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Drioball na Fáinleoige

Johnny Connolly: melodeon, B/C accordion
Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano
Steve Cooney: guitar, piano
Noírín Ní Ghrádaigh: fiddle

A classic old Hohner four stop one row melodeon graces the cover of this CD that was made in 1998 and it sounds excellent. Connolly gives this instrument a workout on many of the tracks in jigs, set dances, slip jigs, slides, polkas, hornpipes and reels including a mellow version of Liz Carroll’s reels That’s Right Too and the Leading Role.

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What key is the melodeon?

Drioball Na Fáinleoige

It’s in D on this album. On his first album, “An tOileán Aerach”, it was C.

Re: Drioball Na Fáinleoige

Cló Iar-Ch0nnachta; 1998.

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