The Breeze From Erin

By Various Artists

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  1. The Choice Wife
  2. Banish Misfortune
  3. The Bag Of Potatoes
    The Sligo Maid
  4. Roisin Dubh
    The Dublin
    The Steampacket
  5. Boil The Breakfast Early
  6. Bean Dubh An Ghleanna
    The Ewe
  7. The Morning Dew
    The Woman Of The House
  8. The Queen Of The Rushes
  9. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Mamma’s Pet
  10. An Raibh Tu An gCarraig ?
  11. The First House In Connaught
    Miss McLeod
  12. Bonny Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  13. Taimse Im Chodladh

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The Breeze From Erin

The Topic label again, sub-titled “Irish Folk Music on Wind Instruments”, although they’ve maybe stretched that definition a bit by including the accordion. Recorded in 1967.
Musicians are as follows:

Willie Clancy - pipes: Tracks 1,13.
whistle : Track 7.
Festy Conlan - whistle: Tracks 2,3,8,10,11.
Eddie Corocoran - whistle: Tracks 5,12.
Tim Lyons - accordion: Tracks 3,8.
Tony McMahon - accordion: Track 6.
Seamus Tansey - flute: Tracks 4,9.
whistle: Track 5.
tambourine[sic]: Track 12.
Tansey is accompanied by Reg Hall on piano on Tracks 4 and 9.
Some of the tracks are duets which is why some of the numbers are duplicated.

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Eddie Corcoran’s track “Bonnie K / Jenny’s Chickens” still stands out as superior whistle playing.


This whole album is now available on iTunes for a very reasonable £5.99. Don’t know why that doesn’t show up “linked” to the top right of the page like other recordings available on iTunes.

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Re: The Breeze From Erin

Track #4 on “Youtube” [ posted legally, I assume ] :

[ PS - 5 years later, this is still available from “iTunes” - not showing up above ]

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