Deora An Deorai [ The Emigrant Suite ]

By Charlie Lennon

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  1. The Gathering
    The Piper’s Turn
    Round The House And Mind The Dresser
    The Parting
  2. The Red Haired Lass
    The Dairymaid
    The Primrose Lass
  3. The Harvest Home
    Rossinver Braes
  4. Early Breakfast
    Colonel Fraser
  5. Bridin Bheasach
  6. The Leitrim Lilter
    The Twelve Pins
  7. The Luckpenny
  8. The Maid Behind The Bar
    Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
  9. The Stack Of Barley
  10. The Tobacco Leaf
    The Blackberry Blossom
    Touch Me If You Dare
  11. Donall Og
  12. The Parting

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Charlie Lennon

I thought I’d post this, since "Dow" recently posted "The Leitrim Lilter". Guests include Frankie Gavin and Liam O’Flynn. Tracks 5 and 11 are songs.

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Full lineup

Charlie Lennon (fiddle, viola, piano)
Frankie Gavin (fiddle, viola, flute)
Liam Og O’Flynn (uilleann pipes)
Sile Ni Fhlaithearta (vocals)
Pat O’Connell (guitar)

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The Emigrant Suite (Charlie Lennon)

25/9/14: I changed the first reel on track 10 from "Tom Mulligan’s" (which is the name of the set - Tom Mulligan’s Favourites) to its proper name "The Tobacco Leaf".