By Feenish

  1. Dillon’s
    The Silver Spear
    Cregg’s Pipes
  2. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
    The Boys Of The Town
    The Wailing Banshee
  3. Gross Isle
  4. The Donegal
    The Drunken Landlady
    The Duke Of Leinster
    The Foxhunters
  5. Newport Town
  6. The Lively Wagtail
    For Sake Of Old Decency
  7. Cronin’s
  8. Skibbereen
  9. The Old Leitrim
    An Mála Fataí
  10. Bruach Na Carra Léith
    Caislean An Oir
    Johnny McGoohan’s
  11. Bound For Castle Gardens
  12. The House In The Glen
    Contentment Is Wealth
    The Blooming Meadows
  13. The Patient Heron

Two comments

P.J. Hernon (accordion), Marcus Hernon (flute, whistle), Don Stiffe (vocals, guitar, whistle), with Padraic O’Reilly (piano), Fergal Scahill (guitar, fiddle, bodhrán).

Source and other information :
Feenish CD FS002, 2002. Recorded in Ennis, Co. Clare. Paddy Ryan is acknowledged for tune titles.


A great CD released in 2002 by Feenish