In The Tradition

By Boys Of The Lough

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  1. Out On The Ocean
    Padeen O’Rafferty
    Isabelle Blackley
  2. Kiss Her Under The Coverlet
    The Lads Of Alnwick
  3. The Road To Cashel
    Paddy Kelly’s
  4. Lord Gregory
  5. Bean Dubh A’Ghleanna
  6. J.O.Forbes Esq. Of Corse
    The Hawk
    Charles Sutherland
  7. Eddie Kelly’s
    The Green Fields Of Glentown
  8. The Eclipse
    The Tailor’s Twist
  9. Biddy From Sligo
    The Sunset
    Tommy Peoples’
  10. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    Con Cassidy’s
  11. The Sea Apprentice
  12. Miss McDonald
  13. Ar Eirinn Ni ’Neosfainn Ce Hi

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In The Tradition

Released in 1981, this was the “Boys” 9th album, and possibly one of the most Irish of their recordings.

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