At Home

By Cherish The Ladies

  1. Limerick Lassies
    The Bird Feeder
    The Bank Of Ireland
    Grampa’s Ceili Band
  2. Matt Hyland
  3. Harvest Moon
    Eddy Maloney’s
    Martin With The Long Ears
    The Tapas
  4. The Curragh Of Kildare
  5. The Harbor
    The Falcon On The Hedge
    Jack’s Morning Feast
  6. The Waves Of Kilkee
  7. The Leader Of The Band
  8. The Quilty
    Larry Redican’s
    Drag Her ‘round The Road
    The Lads From Leitrim
    The Bag Of Spuds
  9. John Of Dreams
  10. The Nightbird
    Mystery’s Dance
  11. Is Fada Liom Uaimi Uaimi
  12. Gaelic Air
    The Flooded Road To Glenties
    The Galtee Rangers

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Wasn’t this also released as "Reunion"?

CTL Tapas Reel Set: Names of Reels

Anyone know where to find names of the reels in CTL’s rendition of "The Tapas Reel Set" from "At Home"? The second reel in particular, since I want to score it down.



Re: Re: CTL Tapas Reel Set: Names of Reels