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Help with Chieftians tune

I would like to learn the first tune on the Chieftians 8 CD. It is labelled “The Session”. They start it by playing tin whistles and I need help identifying the key of the tune and whistles being used at the beginning of this nice tune. Thanks

The first tune on “The Session” is Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight. You would want to play it on a D whistle. It’s in A minor, but you need to get down to the D at the bottom of the whistle. The same tune appears again in a higher key (D minor) later in the set (immediately following Fraher’s Jig). I would use a C whistle in order to play the high F without having to half-hole it.

Three polkas?

Can anyone tell what are the titles of the three polkas on track 6?

Three Polkas

The second one is Maggie in the Wood - as billed.

The third sounds a bit like The Maids of Ardagh.

The first one I’ve never heard before. Good, isn’t it? Could it be related to the English Polka “Dark Girl Dressed in Blue”?


Album recorded before members Seán Potts and Michael Tubridy left the band.

Sea Image slipjig

I uploaded the slipjig version of Humours of Trim/Rolling Waves that appears on tr 5 of this album as Sea Image and on Film Cuts as the Main Theme from Grey Fox: