Just Intonational: Music Of Two Pipers

By Adrian Jefferies And Billy McCormick

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  1. Ril Albanach
    Mistress Of The House
    Gan Ainm
  2. The Malarky
    Back To The Front
    Sound As A Trout
  3. Tarramundi E Alun
  4. Cornphiopa An Bhuachalla
    Port Gan Ainm
  5. Pipers Citeog
    The Collier’s
  6. Rosemary’s Wedding
    The Mouse In The Shoe
  7. Billy McCormick’s
    Nora Criona
  8. Dungiman Ngulum Nga Gubbi Gubbi
    Caoineadh Do Mhuintir Gubbi Gubbi
  9. The Fairy Boy
  10. The Floating Crowbar
  11. The Shores Of Lough Bran
  12. The Ice Cream Set
  13. Our Hometown
  14. Garret Barry’s
    The Concert
    The Holly Bush
  15. The Drunken Gauger
  16. Carnlough Bay

Three comments

Fascinating new Uilleann Pipes Recording - Ceol na Piobaire

Both Billy & Adrian are originally from Carrickfergus in County Antrim and they both started playing pipes around the same time (25 years ago). They learned to play pipes via the "oral" tradition, with the music being taught to them by older traditional musicians in County Antrim, Belfast and other parts of the North of Ireland.
Billy now lives in County Clare in the West of Ireland & Adrian has been living in Brisbane, making, playing and teaching uilleann pipes for just over 13 years. Although their initiation into traditional music was very similar, they have gone off in two quite distinct paths in our pipe playing, Billy remaining very much in a traditional setting in Ireland and playing regularly in the most natural forum of Irish traditional music, the session. On the other hand Adrian has tended to play more in bands, general entertainment and recordings, as well as more recently with sessions established in Brisbane.

They are supported in fine fashion by brilliant local musician’s.

In Australia there is Martin Reese (mandolin and Irish bouzouki), Fred Graham (fiddle), Andrew Heath (guitar), Caroline Hammond (vocals and Djembe) John Logan (guitar) and Jo Bargewell (cláirseach and bodhrán).

In Ireland Billy is supported by Michelle Malan (fiddle and banjo), Jock Burns (Concertina), Tom Dahill (vocals), Andy Lambert (bouzouki), Dave Shapiro (Guitar), Mick Flynn (vocals) and Sid Edwards (bodhrán). These are highly experienced musicians presently living in and regularly performing session music in County Clare, Ireland.

The track list includes a number of original (Australian composed) pieces, including a track dedicated to the Gubi Gubi people from the Queensland Sunshine Coast hinterland. This piece highlights the historical similarities between Indigenous Australians and the Irish, both of whom have suffered dispossession and loss of their original language.

The finished product is a recording of an interesting and unusual selection of traditional music that in no way repeats the repertoire of the very many previously recorded CDs of the Celtic-Irish Traditional genre.

Adrian Jefferies - John Logan - Billy Mc Cormick - Sid Edwards

Coincidence and Distance. It never ceases to amaze me how Irish traditional music transcends distance and brings together all sorts of musicians. I played in sessions with Billy and Sid in the Rotterdam Bar and Pat’s Bar at the docks in Belfast and fleadhs around the country. I came to live in Australia and met John Logan who married Roisin, a friend of ours from Belfast. When I was at John and Roisin’s wedding in Brisbane some years ago, I met Adrian Jefferies, a neighbour of Billy and Sids when they lived in Carrick. Now, how coincidental is that and how privileged am I?
Kind regards,
Tony Friel - Hervey Bay - Qld.

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How’s it going Tony? It seems to me that every Irish musician meets every other Irish musician in the world sometime. The one worth avoiding you meet more often!