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  1. The Trip To Sligo
    The Woods Of Old Limerick
    The Blackthorne Stick
  2. Juleaften
  3. The Battle Of Sowerby Bridge
  4. Gan Ainm
    Cameron’s Wife
  5. Conadines Grove
    Paddy Cronin’s
  6. A Pair Of Nicky Tams
  7. Der Er Langt Imellem Snapsene
  8. Eddie Kelly’s
    Pull The Knife And Stick It In Her
  9. McGinty’s Meal And Ale
  10. Johnny’s Wedding
    Farewell To Miltown
  11. Min Første Komposition
  12. Maggie Lauder
  13. Charlie Mulvihill’s Jigs
  14. Auld Maid In The Garrett
  15. The Buck From The Mountain
    Pretty Maggie Morissey
  16. The Blarney Stone
  17. Gan Ainm
    The Tempest

Ten comments

Featuring the famous YIRDY 🙂

This album is worth hearing, if only for the excellent box playing of Anders Tabjerg who is now resident in Galway.
There is a mixture of mainly Irish tunes, Scottish tunes and Danish tunes here.

Yirdy is a Scotsman living near Copenhagen and a world champion bones and spoons player.

"Yirdy Machar: (Bones & Bodhran) Currently the reigning “World-Champion bones and spoons player”.

Having won the competition in Avoca, Iowa, USA . He does not play the bodhran quite so well, so he has been told. He makes up for this with his ability to sing a few songs in his rich baritone voice. "

His treatment of “classic” Scottish and Irish songs are very earthy, distinctive, and full of character.

There are one or two unamed tunes here. If anyone recognises them on the album, please let me know and I’ll update the track list.

Other Musicians?

I know Yirdy and had manys a tune with him in the 80s. Last saw him in Copenhagen in 1995 or thereabouts. I would be interested in knowing what other old musical pals might be on this recording. Something tells me that fiddler Peter Gorm Sorensen might be on this.

Nay 😉

Knowing the band personally, I’m pretty sure Peter’s not on it - but he has just released a CD with the band Trad Lads, and is also playing in Ash Plant, so he’s busy enough I think 😉


It would still be nice to find out who’s on it with Yirdy. DADdy
GADdy, I go way, way, way back with Peter, Trad Lads and Ashplant even to the days of McEwan’s Export and when the Copenhagen festival was held in Vognhjulet on Thorsgade. I see from your bio that you are 26 -- that makes you 1 year old when I first met Peter! And he and I were even younger than you are now!

Web site for band

Hi Longnote,

I can remember the Vognhjulet days too and I used to frequently visit Denmark in the eighties. Now, it’s mostly just once a year for Tonder. I went to the session in The Bloomsday Bar in the summer and enjoyed it thoroughly, even although I didn’t play much. The standard was really high and a lot of tunes I didn’t know. Yirdy suggested “Just get in there with your own tunes” but I prefer not to do that when I’m a guest. Besides, the session was going great anyway. 🙂

Anyway, the band seem to have their own web site. I’m sure you’ll know the banjo player.


B-band is Yirdy, Anders Trabjerg(box), Malene Beck (piano)and Bjarne Schmidt(banjo+bouzouki).



My post got sliced so here’s the rest:

Lognote: I’ve played with Peter today, and most likely next sunday - what’s your name IRL, I could say hello for you, if you’d like?!

Yes, I know Bjarne (“McKenna”) and a very good banjo player he is too. Spoke to him briefly via cell phone several weeks ago. Ah, the good old days in Vognhjulet! I remember walking to the place from the central station for the first Kbh Irish festival on a cold day in November 1979 arriving about 6PM and being treated to a few Hof by the members of Scrumpy -- remember them? I was living in Germany at the time. John J, I suppose you remember Scrumpy as well as Harp ’n Drum -- at least half of the latter now play in Ashplant -- maybe McGuire’s Kick from Sweden, Jess Kroman and La Bastringue and all the other various outfits. The festivals were always great crack and great music too. I played in the Swedish/ Irish band Irlandsganget at every Kbh festival from 1979-1988, but haven’t been to one since. I have kept in touch over the years and been back in Kbh a few times over the summer months, most recently for a couple of days in February 2000.

Bjarne is not the danish banjo player known as McKenna. That would be Hans Jørgen Jensen from Århus. I played with him sunday, at a session consisting of only 3 persons due to the holidays and bands on tour.

But a mighty fine album this is!

We called Bjarne Schmidt “McKenna” occasionally just as a little and very obvious joke on the similarity with “Barney”. He was never “officially” known as “McKenna”, nor did he ever call himself that, so there isn’t much chance of mistaken identity. I am afraid I have never heard of Hans Jorgen Jensen, though I must say, from the pictures on his site, he did look a bit familiar. I spent some years in Sweden and played a lot of music there and in Denmark, so it is possible I ran into Hans Jorgen at some time at one festival or another.