But Why, Johnny?

By John O’Halloran

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
    The Swallow’s Tail
  2. The Cameronian
    John Brennan’s
  3. The Old Blackbird
    The Walls Of Liscarrol
    Jackie Coleman’s
  4. The Queen Of The Fair
    The Carraroe
  5. The Floating Crowbar
    The Twelve Pins
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
  6. The Sunny Banks
    Green Grow The Rushes
    The Boyne Hunt
  7. Miss Kenny’s
    Marion Egan’s
  8. Port Cuil Aodha
    Scatter The Mud
    Old Tipperary
  9. The Home Ruler
    Kitty’s Wedding
  10. Tay In The Bog
    East Of Glendart
    Michael Burke’s
  11. Da Slockit Light
    Michael Coleman’s
  12. But Why, Johnny?
    Phil Murphy’s
    The Drunken Landlady

Five comments

But Why, Johnny?

I found John in a Galway pub (Tigh Ceoli’s, I think) and liked his music so here you have it. John comes from the Isle of Inisbofin

Liner notes by Mick Crehan and Tommy McCarthy 1999

John plays: C# accordion, D melodeon, C melodeon
Jimmy Higgins piano, bodhran, snare drum
Martin Murray banjo, mandolin, viola
Alec Finn bouzouki
Brendan Larissey fiddle
Louise Costello banjo
Dermot Byrne accordion
Tommy McCarthy fiddle

From what I recall, John was sorta like a house musician at the Crane as well. This probably explains the liner notes being written by Mick. Kind of kicking myself I didn’t buy this album when I was in Galway because from what I’ve heard, it’s just a really fun album. More on that if I get the CD for Christmas.

Really Fun

Finally got it, and as I suspected above, it is indeed a really fun album, especially the tracks with accordian and banjo. I believe you can buy it from the usual sources.


Just got my hands on a copy of this CD, but I see that, on this one at least, he is called - Johnny O’Halloran!

There is something very tasty about the sound of the single row melodeon!

Lovely Music for Dancing …

Highly recommended. I keep hoping he’ll make another album. This is a lovely recording and a favorite of sean-nos dancers. In regards to the above,John (along with Mick Crehan) was a co-owner of the Crane Bar in Galway City, so he was a regular fixture at the sessions there. I hear he’s more likely to be in Tigh Choili’s in the center of town these days.