But Why, Johnny?

By John Halloran

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But Why, Johnny?

I found John in a Galway pub (Tigh Ceoli’s, I think) and liked his music so here you have it. John comes from the Isle of Inisbofin

Liner notes by Mick Crehan and Tommy McCarthy 1999

John plays: C# accordion, D melodeon, C melodeon
Jimmy Higgins piano, bodhran, snare drum
Martin Murray banjo, mandolin, viola
Alec Finn bouzouki
Brendan Larissey fiddle
Louise Costello banjo
Dermot Byrne accordion
Tommy McCarthy fiddle

From what I recall, John was sorta like a house musician at the Crane as well. This probably explains the liner notes being written by Mick. Kind of kicking myself I didn’t buy this album when I was in Galway because from what I’ve heard, it’s just a really fun album. More on that if I get the CD for Christmas.

Really Fun

Finally got it, and as I suspected above, it is indeed a really fun album, especially the tracks with accordian and banjo. I believe you can buy it from the usual sources.


Just got my hands on a copy of this CD, but I see that, on this one at least, he is called - Johnny O’Halloran!

There is something very tasty about the sound of the single row melodeon!

Lovely Music for Dancing …

Highly recommended. I keep hoping he’ll make another album. This is a lovely recording and a favorite of sean-nos dancers. In regards to the above,John (along with Mick Crehan) was a co-owner of the Crane Bar in Galway City, so he was a regular fixture at the sessions there. I hear he’s more likely to be in Tigh Choili’s in the center of town these days.