Out On The Ocean

By Moher

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See Others for comprhensive description of Moher

Gian Marco’s description on Moher’s other album is most complete. We were visiting Ennis the year that RTE did the memorial service for Micho Russell in Doolin at O’Connors. We had just met the guys from Moher; Jim Carrigan and Queally Bros. who invited us to be at the live taping. What a cram. It was great. Got lost coming back to Ennis but someone stopped to help and they led us to a recognizable part of the road back. WB

Tune name

Anyone know the name of the second reel in track 3 of Moher’s album Out on the Ocean?

Track 7…

Just got this cassette from “eBay”. I’d heard the band’s other recording, and liked it. I’m liking this one too.
Track 7 above consists of 4 reels. Can’t think of the name of the 1st reel in the set, but it’ll come to me.

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Track 8…

….has 2 “Terry Teehan’s”.
Track 9 - 2nd jig is “Up And About In The Morning”
Track 9 - 3rd jig is “Whelan’s”

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Track 11

“The Pigeon On The Gate” has flown. It’s the 2 reels I’ve posted links to.

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Group line up….

Noel O’Donoghue - flute
Michael Queally - fiddle
Pat Marsh - bouzouki / guitar
Paul O’Driscoll - acoustic bass guitar
Kevin Crawford - bodhran

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