The One-Horned Cow

By The Suffering Gaels

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The Suffering Gaels

Poguemahone Productions released this CD in 1996. It features the piping of Tommy Creegan, the fiddling of Dale Russ and Conor Byrne, and the guitar and vocals of Fin MacGinty. West Coast Seamus Eagan shows up lay down some banjo, and Hanz Araki nocks splinters off his shakuhachi. Many great tunes, some of them rare, on here. Remember the good ol’ days when Conor Byrne’s Pub belonged to Conor?

Suffering Whereabouts

And where IS Conor these days? Dale and Tom are still around. Finn is going strong with the many things he does. Great band - I had fun doing their website in the not too distant past.