A Chieftains Celebration

By The Chieftains

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A Chieftain’s recording made in 1988. Guests include: Van Morrison, Nanci Griffith and Milladoiro.

Standout tracks (for me):

The Strayaway Child
Gaftai Baile Bui
The Iron Man Set

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Great Shetland tune,the forfeit o` da ship!

Re: A Chieftains Celebration

I wonder if any one could post the full list of the tunes that make up the 11th track on this album?
The original notes do not give any detail other than the track was put together by Paddy Moloney for the Dublin Millenium celebrations and pulled from various sources in Celticdom.
The track is made out of 5 distinct themes;
The 1st was possibly composed by Moloney and is a 3/4 solemn march.
It is used as a chorus which introduces the other parts.

The 2nd is in 6/4 or 3/8 and sounds ancient (it has strains in common with Deni Hempson’s Mhaidin bhog aoibhinn)

The 3rd is an (extract from) an hanter dro “Quand j’étais jeune à dix-huit ans”
(who sings it?)

The 4th is a well known reel -what is the name of that Scottish version?

The 5th is a munheira /muñeira from NW Spain: name = ¿ ?

With thanks to the various people it might take to answer that one…

Re: A Chieftains Celebration

Second tune sounds faintly Northumbrian to my ear.

The reel is the Chorus Reel but I don’t know if it has a different name in Scotland.

The muineira is Muineira de Vilanova. I assume that’s Milladoiro playing, since the arrangement is essentially identical to theirs.

Re: A Chieftains Celebration

On Track 2, Galicia, the three tunes are:

Danza de San Roque de Hio
Danza de Carino
Muineira do Areal

All can be heard on Milladoiro’s first album, A Galicia de Maeloc (1979), tracks 1, 3, and 5 respectively.

Re: A Chieftains Celebration

Thanks for that kmforst!