Speed 78

By Mike Rafferty

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This new recording from Mike Rafferty is beautiful. The man has a magical touch.

Mike Rafferty Speed 78

I agree! To remedy the “purchase” link, the way to get it is for speedy shipment, contact Terry Rafferty at
201-288-4267 / email: traff5788@aol.com.

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Re: Speed 78

This is indeed a wonderful album, full of great tunes to learn!

I think the order of the tunes listed on the CD and CD notes is not completely correct, on my copy at any rate!

Its fine up to tune no. 16, and then it gets wonky -- I think it should be:

16. Queen Of The Rushes/Fr. John’s Jubilee
17. Story About My Father’s Uilleann Pipes
18. Garrett Barry’s/The Woods of the Limerick
19. The Bower/Jenny’s Picking Cockles
20. Young Tom Ennis/Jerry’s Beaver Hat
21. Story about Thinking of Tunes
22. Ceo Na GCnoc /Fr. Newman’s

Re: Speed 78, Track 13

Track 13 was down here as “Story About John Madden” but this should probably be “Story About Joe Madden”, as the following track (14, Ballyoran) features Joe Madden on accordion. On the recording is does sound a bit like “John”, and I don’t have the liner notes, but I have altered it here to “Story About Joe Madden” anyway, hope that’s correct.

Re: Speed 78

Nobody has seen fit to mention all of the musicians involved in this recording.

Mike Rafferty (flute, pipes)
Mary Rafferty (accordion)
Dónal Clancy (guitar, bouzouki)
Willie Kelly (fiddle) - [ solo on track #8 ]
Joe Madden (accordion) - [ solo on track #14 ]
Felix Dolan (piano)