Music From The Robert Ap Huw Manuscript Volume 1

By Paul Dooley

  1. Profiad Y Botym
  2. Gosteg Dafydd Athro
  3. Caniad Y Gwyn Bibydd
  4. Caniad Llywelyn Delynior
  5. Profiad Yr Eos
  6. Caniad Marwnad Ifan Ab Y Gof

Two comments

Not session music, but …

Let’s face it you’re unlikely to hear any of these tunes at your local session. The sleeve notes on the back insert read. "Six pieces from the oldest collection of harp music in existence played on the metal-strung harp by Paul Dooley, one of Ireland’s most accomplished harpers. Around the year 1613, Robert ap Huw, a young harper from Anglesey, copied transcripts of the ancient harp music of Wales. The strange tablature he reproduced has puzzled scholars for centuries. Some have said this music is of the kind Gruffudd ap Cynan brought with him from Ireland c.1100, when he reclaimed his ancestral throne of Gwynedd."

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Paul is also a very fine fiddler. We have played together several times in Lisdoonvarna, but he said he never brings a harp to the session. So, unfortunately I’ve never heard him playing harp while he’s widely known as a master of the instrument.